Transportation is an economic and social factor that shapes people’s daily lives and thus a social determinant of health.

Trans-Facilitate offers transportation and translation services to help patients through their recoveries. Whether they need non-emergent transportation, onsite or telephone interpreting, or document translation, we ensure quality care for all patients.

Workers’ Compensation Transportation Service

Trans-Facilitate provides safe, reliable and cost-effective non-emergent transport services for workers’ compensation claimants throughout the United States 24/7. Offering ambulatory, wheelchair, stretcher and all ambulance services, Trans-Facilitate is a comprehensive and convenient resource for adjusters and case managers.

An Accomplished Process

Trans-Facilitate makes direct claimant contact for a smooth, predictable transport. Non-compliant claimants and missed appointments are reported to the case manager or claims adjuster, which promotes appointment rescheduling and allows immediate intervention to prevent lapse of recovery or possible re-injury. Our staff confirms the appointment with the claimant 24 hours before the trip, and since customer satisfaction is paramount, we adhere to a strict 24-hour claimant follow-up policy. Documenting and communicating no-shows or cancellations is standard procedure, as well as utilizing computerized mapping to determine the most cost-effective routes.

Modes of Transport

  • Ambulatory
  • Wheelchair
  • Stretcher
  • ALS and BLS Ambulance
  • Air Ambulance
  • Commercial Flight Coordination

Why Trans-Facilitate?

Drivers at Trans-Facilitate must pass criminal and motor vehicle background checks, ensuring the highest caliber of credentialed representatives. Trans-Facilitate provides nationwide, full-service transport and translation coordination with one telephone call. Whether you need a detailed transportation activity and cost reports, customized billing to meet payer needs, a multi-lingual staff, online ordering capability, or liability insurance that exceeds the industry average, Trans-Facilitate is for you.