Business translations services that transcend the language barriers

At Trans-Facilitate, we help businesses of all sizes and sectors reach international audiences through specialized translation and localisation. Our capabilities don’t begin and end at simply working with customer-facing information though. We help our clients ensure their policies, message and identity translate globally within their company, through training materials, financial information and legal aspects, to name just a few.

As one of our valued business translation clients, you will benefit from:

  • Professional, sector specific linguists, covering more than 150 languages
  • Dedicated account management
  • Simple to use with rapid turnaround
  • Accredited qualify and date security
  • any file in any format

Legal & Government Translation Services

Each year we provides thousands of pages of certified legal document translations. We have a solid team of dedicated legal translators who are highly experienced in legal terminology.

We are experts in the field of legal interpretation. Our linguist are familiar with legal terminology and the complex demands of the legal industry. We have been providing interpreting services to private law firms as well as county and state level judiciary systems.

We provide Interpreters for all types of legal assignments, such as:

  • Arraignments, hearings, mediations/arbitrations
  • Client meetings and presentations
  • Court cases, trials
  • Depositions
  • Immigration Proceedings
  • Will readings
  • Witness preparation & Interviews and much more

Secure, reliable, trusted financial translation

Your international customers demand you communicate with them in their mother tongue. When a global tone-of-voice is replicated across social media, written word and face-to-face meetings our service will be there to ensure consistency and compliance of message. Using real people located in the world’s financial hot spots we use the right language to help you to establish and protect a global brand.

Translation from one language to another may appear to be a relatively straightforward process, but to deliver a truly natural sounding conversion requires more than just linguistic expertise. A financial translation must be performed by a professional linguist with relevant experience of the financial industry. They must have a deep understanding of the associated financial terminology in both the source and target language.

In addition to having a comprehensive knowledge of financial terminology, an ability to accurately communicate these details using equivalent local language is imperative. In other words, the intentions of the original author must be portrayed as if they had written the localized document themselves.

Food packaging translations that deliver international results

From small artisan food producers all the way through to well-known supermarkets, effective overseas growth has become a key method of generating revenue in a crowded marketplace. We have been helping to support this trend by providing a specialist food packaging translation service to retailers for a long time. We have built up a reputation for reliable, quality translation, working with our long-standing partners. We have reached a point where we are now producing thousands of legally compliant pack translations per month, helping multinational food producers and food retailers compete all over the world.

Through the ongoing development of our systems, we are fully equipped to provide a complete solution for your packaging translation projects. This includes, but is not limited to, compliant translation of titles, legal descriptions, ingredient lists in addition to creative marketing text and ancillary POS. Our accompanying services include complete art working facilities to recreate your packaging designs and a guaranteed label check service to ensure legal requirements are adhered to for target regions.

Game localisation services adapted specifically to your requirements

Game translation is a key part of maximising a game’s income potential. Developing a game can be a pricey and time-consuming task, so it makes sense to ensure that the final product appeals to the widest audience possible. That’s where game localisation comes into play.

A comprehensive game translation ensures that all associated video or mobile game copy – whether written or spoken within the game, or within the accompanying documentation – is adapted into the language of the regional audience for which the game is intended.

Game localisation enhances the process further by considering the game from the perspective of each specific audience. It looks at everything from cultural and historical references, to the way characters are dressed and their points of view. Every aspect is reviewed in light of the cultural and societal norms of the intended audience, to flag up any elements that are inappropriate, won’t be understood or will cause unintended humour or offence.

When the message is paramount, Transcreation is a must

Making sure your translations hit the right notes with a global audience requires a holistic approach, you must provide more than just a word for word interpretation of the original for true success. The whole feel of the content needs to be carefully adapted to ensure your international customers engage with your information in the way you desire. That’s where Transcreation & Marketing Translation come in.

Marketing translation and transcreation are exacting disciplines, so we employ teams of marketers and translators all over the world that not only meet with our own rigorous standards of translation, but who also have relevant experience in marketing in their native country. Their inside knowledge of the target language and the local culture enables them to analyse what’s required, deconstruct the source campaign and take it back to the original brief, and then reassemble it in such a way that it retains the full spirit and message of the original, but in a manner that will impact positively on the end users in the target country.

The copywriters we employ work closely with our design studio, which can adapt just about anything, be it a print, media or web projects. All artwork is handled by the studio and can be reproduced in any required format. Our systems and processes allow us to work 24/7, which leads to fast turnaround times, and all clients can follow the progress of their project via our online portal, through which files can be delivered, monitored, and downloaded when the process is complete. Trans-facilitate’s working methods mean that you are in control of the process at all times and that the final output will look as if it has been designed, and written by a local agency in the target country.

Medical translation services for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry

From clinical trials to product launch, our in-country teams of skilled medical translators are on hand to translate into or from over 200 languages.

Medical information can often contain a myriad of complex terminology, ensuring this is accurately conveyed in translation is vital. There are few other disciplines within translation that can have such a significant bearing on human life. For this reason choosing a proven, respected, experienced professional language provider is an absolute must.

We have been working with clients in the medical field for a while, our experience ranges from handling the medical records of overseas troops to the technical translation of complex medical equipment manuals. Due to the sensitive nature of much of our medical work our security procedures and commitment to confidentiality are at the forefront of the language industry.

Our specialist teams of linguists and project managers are hand-picked for their experience, aptitude and qualifications. All medical document translations are carried out by individuals with a background in relevant industries to that of individual projects, this ensures all terminology is accurate and focused specifically for the target region.

If the project is exceptionally sensitive we are able to call on government sanctioned security cleared linguists to meet your demands.

A multilingual website will help you drive international sales

When you produce great international content that makes a point of being sensitive to local dialects and cultural sensibilities, you have taken a step in the right direction to ensuring your website is a global success. The best translations aren’t literal, a direct word for word conversion isn’t going to cut the mustard when you want to attract hits and sales from overseas, sorry Google translate but you’re just the wrong tool for this job. When you employ experienced, in-country translators who wield an authentic linguistic style and a passion for your content, your website readers, customers and sales teams will reap the rewards.

When you partner a great translation team like this alongside a set of skilled multilingual web developers you’re going to see even more benefits, boosting international traffic and guaranteeing that your message rings true with audiences around the world. Trans-Facilitate’s website translation services are built around this ideal, we take the stress, complexity and effort out of translating your website. Our team works with you at every step to ensure your website is attracting the audience you want in any, and every, country you desire.

  • Making a website translation simple
  • International SEO and Keyword research for local markets
  • Multilingual website testing
  • Localized social media and content marketing

Technical translation with a precision you can rely on!

Technical documents can provide a set of unique challenges when it comes to accurate translation. As a customer seeking translation of technical information, we understand the value you place on precision and reliability. At Trans-Facilitate we provide peace of mind, you can rest assured knowing that every technical translation we perform is carried out by an experienced professional linguist with a background in technical applications.

Technical translation with a precision you can rely on!

Technical translation can incorporate a broad spectrum of applications, from scientific or engineering information right through to marketing copy, any document that relies heavily on detailed subject knowledge can be considered technical in nature. Working on this type of document requires a careful  balance of management on behalf of the linguist, they must convey technical information in another language in such a way that imparts a precise reflection of the source information, but also highly sensitive towards the local terminology equivalents.

At Trans-Facilitate, we help clients of all sizes communicate with an international audience through specialized technical translation. We ensure your translated documents convey exactly what you need them to, precisely, fluently and without any culture shock. An engineering document translated by our team will read as though it had been penned by an experienced  technical author, native to your target region because, in many cases, this is exactly what happens.