Dependable Multilingual Transcription Services

All Multilingual & English transcriptions that we carry out are worked on by local based typists and translation professionals with government-approved security clearance whenever necessary. All transcriptions can be requested using our encrypted on-line portal or sent to us directly via secure courier service. We also operate a secure email system via egress, a government-approved system, whenever your requirement demands it.

Among a few:

  • Rapid turnaround
  • Official Government Transcription Provider
  • Secure and Reliable Transcription
  • Any Medium in any format
  • Secure Transit and Storage
  • Multilingual Transcription

Security cleared transcription services from official government providers

Making sure your confidential documents are secure is a challenge in the modern world, especially when you need to work with an external partner to obtain transcribed records of vital meetings, interviews and policy papers. It’s essential that you can rely on the confidentiality of their service, whether it is security cleared transcription, encrypted data storage, or secure transportation of hard copy documents. Data breaches can be catastrophic, so knowing you can rely on secure transcription services makes all the difference.

  • Certified Government Transcription
  • Security Cleared Transcription
  • Express Service For Same-Day Turnaround

When you need rapid, secure transcription of files to and from languages other than English you need to leverage a team of expert project managers, translators and language transcription technology to get things done. As well as ensuring that your sensitive files are secure, it’s essential that your transcriptions are of the highest quality. Inaccuracies at this level can prove problematic because they have particularly wide repercussions. All of this makes it all the more important to have a multilingual transcription partner whose services you can rely on.