Interpreting Services

There are many occasions where translation needs to be instantaneous during meetings, conferences, interviews or public seminars, for instance. We provide a range of specialist interpreting services to suit your specific requirements. We have many years of experience providing high quality interpreting services to a range of clients in the public and private sectors.

Applications for interpreting

Situations requiring interpreters can vary considerably. With this in mind, we offer a wide range of interpreting services, every interpreting job is treated as a bespoke assignment. Some possible situations where you may need an interpreting service include:

  • During a business trip, you may need an interpreter to travel with you;
  • You may need an interpreter to provide an instant translation of a presentation you are giving;
  • Two-way interpretation may be necessary for interviews, medical appointments, smaller meetings, or legal situations (such as police interviews or court hearings);
  • Conferences may require a team of interpreters or special equipment (which we are able to advise on and provide).
  • As well as spoken languages, we are also able to provide sign language interpreters for the same situations.

When the requirement is ongoing, unexpected, or urgent, we are able to provide a telephone interpreting service. We can connect you to an interpreter in under a minute, based on the information you provide. The preferred method is a three-way conference call, although you can also use this service by passing a single phone between you.

Face-to-face interpreting

Face-to-face interpreting is sometimes called liaison or ad-hoc interpreting. It is a two way form of interpreting, meaning that all parties present can take part in a discussion. The interpreter translates verbally every few sentences, while the speaker pauses. It is widely used in courts, healthcare and legal situations, and business meetings, where it is important that a dialogue can be maintained. The main downsides to face-to-face interpreting are that it takes longer to converse (as the speaker must pause for translation to take place) and that it is generally only effective within relatively small groups.

Telephone interpreting

We can provide a full telephone interpreting service, which is suitable for a range of situations. Telephone interpreting can be used when face-to-face contact is not necessary, or when the requirement is urgent or unexpected. The preferred method for telephone interpreting is a three-way conference call, although in face-to-face situations the phone can simply be passed back and forth. Telephone interpreting is much less costly than other forms, as factors such as travel time do not need to be factored in. It is also very flexible, we can connect you to a interpreter in any language at very short notice — usually in under a minute.

Sign language interpreting

Sign language interpreters can be provided to assist people with hearing difficulties, whenever necessary. These services can be applied to any of the above situations (with the exception of telephone interpreting). Alternatively, text-to-speech reporting can be used for larger events such as conferences.

Medical Interpretation Services

Medical Interpreters are called upon to facilitate the communication between doctors, medical staff and patients. Having qualified medical interpreters available for limited English proficient patients greatly increases the value of the healthcare provided by hospitals and medical centers.

Trans-Facilitate’ medical interpreters have extensive knowledge of medical terminology. Many have prior experience in the medical field and most hold advanced medical certificates. We have a rigorous vetting procedure to ensure that all our interpreters are qualified and have at least 2 years of professional interpreting experience in the medical field. Additionally, we strictly adhere with all HIIPA requirements. We respect the confidentiality of our clients’ and are committed to the highest ethical standards.

We provides interpreters in a wide range of settings within the medical field, such as:

  • Group therapy programs
  • Hospital intakes & patient follow up
  • Psychiatric evaluations & follow ups
  • Hospice consultations
  • Behavioral health
  • Bariatric preparations and post-ops
  • Outpatient rehabilitation
  • Patient/Health care provider appointments
  • Individual medical examinations, (IME)
  • Neurological evaluations & follow ups

We offer Conference Interpreting Solutions In All Languages

Our team of highly qualified interpreters are available for all conference settings. All conference interpreters have years of experience in conference interpreting and most are affiliated with industry organization such as: The American Translators Association or The International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC).

Not only do our conference interpreters provide exceptional interpreting services the day of the conference, they also study all relevant conference materials. This ensures that all our interpreters will have a solid grasp of the subject matter, vocabulary and terminology to be used in the conference and provides our clients with the highest quality conference interpreting services possible.

Our conference interpreters have specialized training in specific fields, such as: education, finance, healthcare, government, legal, technology and tourism . If you require a conference interpreter for a specialized event, just let us know and we will accommodate.

We provide unparalleled language solutions for schools and universities.

We have great experience working with public and private schools. We are happy to be part of the learning process for many school children and their families. We help to bridge the language gap between school staff, students and parents so that educational goals are reached.

Proper communication is vital for educational staff and student’s families. Sometimes while their children may be English speaking, their parents may only know their native tongue. We are available to translate documents so that educators and parents can communicate with each other.

We are available to provide interpreters whenever school staff need to communicate with students and parents for:

  • Assessment Tests
  • Home visits
  • Individual education meetings
  • Parent conferences and events
  • Child study team