Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Making sure your documents hit the right notes with customers requires a holistic approach, you must deliver more than just well-written content. The whole look and feel needs to be carefully managed to support the aims of the document, whether that’s to educate, inspire or even generate sales. When great content is paired with a professional design, you have a much better chance of ensuring your customers buy into and engage with the information you present.

You’ve probably experienced first hand how good design can distinguish your business from a crowded marketplace. After all, if you’ve spent weeks fine-tuning a document’s content, you’re not going to want it to fall apart by employing poor design and a clumsy layout. This is equally true when producing information in different languages, but there are more pitfalls here than you might at first imagine. Through a range of multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) services, we help you deliver that focus on perfection at an international level.

Our studio team can work with any file type produced using the common industry standard software packages. These include, but are not limited to, the entire Adobe Software Suite (including Framemaker), QuarkXpress, the Corel suite, Serif Page Plus and Microsoft Publisher. In doing so, you can send us original artwork design files, we can translate and typeset the copy in exactly the same layout, in a format that is ready to use straight away. This has the advantage of saving you time and money vs. using your internal or external design studio to re-engineer the translated text into the original layout design themselves. Often, domestic designers and agencies are unfamiliar with the necessary software processes and linguistic rules associated with multilingual DTP, this can result in numerous rounds of amends and delays to schedules – we solve that problem for you completely.

Typesetting in any Language

Perhaps the first issues you’ll come across when attempting to convert your designed documents into different languages involve questions of type. Different languages can abide by wildly different sets of layout and typesetting rules, these can apply to line breaks, hyphenation, the direction of type, numbering conventions and scripts to name only a few.

When it comes to typesetting a document in a different language, it is not sufficient to simply apply the same approach as you would in English, this will result in a document that is jarring to a native audience, losing some of its impact in the process. At Trans-Facilitate, we are relied on daily to typeset public multilingual documents for clients including Transport for London, Tesco, M & S and the Home Office.

In addition to our direct clients, we also support a number of well-respected design agencies in delivering a comprehensive international typesetting service. We have several years of multilingual DTP experience, during which time we have built up the tools and processes necessary to provide you with the highest quality country specific artwork. We ensure your information is presented in the best possible light when viewed by overseas customers.

Transcreating Design

While great translation and sympathetic typesetting can help a document speak to an overseas audience, the design itself can be a point of contention. If you have carefully crafted your original document specifically with an English audience in mind, you may well have incorporated things within the design that speak just as loudly as the content itself. Even if you are careful to ensure your translation is perfect and the typesetting is appropriate, at the end of the day you still have a document that is aesthetically aimed at an English audience, it’s just written and set out in another language.

To overcome this you must understand the culture of your intended market and adapt the core design as well as the content to focus on the new market. From a design point of view, this can be a case of adjusting the color palette used, exchanging the imagery involved and adapting visual cues, just for starters. We call this process of retargeting a document ‘transcreation’, the copy will always be a significant part of the process but there are wider factors at play that you need to be aware of that can really make a difference to the effective communication of your information.

Multilingual Voice-Overs

We provide a one-stop multilingual voice-over service in over 100 languages. Our voice recording studio is fully equipped with the latest equipment and staffed by experienced full time sound engineers.

Professional Voice Overs

Our professional mother tongue voice-over artists will re-create your message in any language of your choice. We ensure that every detail is pronounced accurately and clearly, with even subtle nuances of the language interpreted to ensure the highest quality reflection of the source material.

Our bilingual project managers supervise recording sessions and are available to our clients to work at/with their own choice of voice talent or recording facilities. Trained professionals provide an important second opinion giving you the confidence that your foreign language voice track is delivered with the proper accent, diction and tone.