Providing Braille translation services for the blind and partially sighted

Whether you need individual letters or large-scale production of Braille material, we have the expertise to make the whole process simple and efficient. As a business, you may even be legally obliged to provide information in the Braille format.

We help individuals and businesses of all sizes provide accessibility options to their audience through specialized services. Our capabilities don’t begin and end at simply working with customer-facing information though. We are here to help you ensure your policies, message and identity translate globally within your company, through training materials, financial information and legal documentation, to name just a few. For the very best in Braille and accessibility services, give us a call and find out how we can start helping you to engage with everyone!

Easy Read

Using simplified sentence structures and pictures, Easy Read is a way of presenting information in a format that people who have difficulty reading can understand.

Easy Read is most commonly used by people with learning disabilities, however it is also useful for people such as the young, elderly or speakers of foreign languages.

It is important to ensure your written information is accessible to all. We will work closely with you to understand your target audiences, so you can be confident you will be meeting your obligations.

With several years of Easy Read experience, and working with specialists and representative groups, we can convert simple letters to large complex reports into Easy Read formats accessible to all.

Large Print

Large Print documents are a quick and cost effective method of presenting information so that it is easier to read by people with poor vision.

Almost anything that is printed can be converted to the Large Print format and should be included in your language/communication policy.

Large Print conversion is more than just increasing font size. Design, layout, typography and colour are other important areas that must be considered.

It is important that original documents are not just blown up on a photocopier – this will not produce a quality usable document.

We will produce your Large Print documents using the latest Large Print guidelines, and in doing so keep your brand, corporate ID and feel of the document intact.

Large Print Guidelines

Our standard Large Print guidelines have been developed in-line with RNIB recommendations and policies.

  • Use type 16 or above.
  • Be consistent. By only using one point size for the majority of the document will help with its overall readability.
  • Use only plain fonts such as Arial or Helvetica.
  • Simple typography.
  • No indented paragraphs, no justified text (i.e. left align all copy).
  • Avoid the use of BLOCK CAPITALS. Avoid underlining text. Avoid text in italics.
  • No text on top of graphics. No text on top of bold colours.
  • Ensure that all text is in Large Print, not forgetting about page numbering and captions for illustrations.
  • Use of pastel coloured matt paper, or good contrast such as black print on yellow. No glossy paper.
  • Bind documents by using comb binding, not stapled.
Government Contract – Large Print Documents

If you are part of the UK Government you can purchase Large Print services under the terms and conditions of the OGC approved agreement