Career Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working for Trans-Facilitate. Our company is founded upon the principles of hard work, professionalism, formality and respect. We actively celebrate culture and aim to bring peace and respect to the world through our language services. If this sounds like the place for you, then please proceed.

It’s important to understand that, as you will be an employee working from home, it’s essential to demonstrate professionalism at all times. The main way that we will assess your personality is not by the way you look, but by the way you write and how you email us, so all communication must be professional. This is the single most important factor in assessing a potential employee for our company.

Jobs at Trans-Facilitate are quite regimented and demanding. We expect hard work and commitment at all times, in exchange for the opportunity to thrive in a growing company with a passion for doing our jobs perfectly the first time.

Project Manager
Project Manager

We are seeking project managers to work on a temporary and/or part-time basis for contract work. Project managers will be responsible for handling all aspects of a translation engagement, which may include desktop publishing, audiovisual or software localization tasks to ensure a great customer experience and a high-quality deliverable prepared in an ISO 9001 QA environment. Tasks include, but are not limited to, sending translation and interpretation quotes, emailing clients, scheduling interpreters, sending contracts to clients and interpreters, searching for new potential freelancers, and gathering freelancer information. You must love languages and cultures, possess basic computer skills and be good at multi-tasking. Promptness, professionalism, and politeness are the three main requirements of our employees. We are looking for people with the skill-sets and colloquial fluency in English best suited to the needs of our Fortune 500 clientele. Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate a history of marshaling diverse teams for great outcomes. This is a remote assignment, but candidates should reside in a North or South American time zone. The successful candidate will be able to offer a robust IT presence that will ensure reliable and uninterrupted communication with clients and other team members.

Freelance Linguists

Linguists seeking contract positions are welcome. This is the only channel to solicit us for linguists jobs and interpreter assignments. Our project managers draw from this pool when assembling new teams. So you may be hearing from us with a job offer or other offers that we may think will be of value to you as a professional linguists .

Translation Jobs

We are hiring highly experienced and professional translators in all language pairs for our company. You must have exemplary work ethics and a love of languages and cultures. Promptness, professionalism, and politeness are the three main requirements of our employees.

This is an exciting freelance position with room for long term growth. The right candidates will be able to efficiently perform a myriad of translation tasks including, but not limited to, book translation, corporate documents, signage, medical reports, employee manuals, websites and emails, among the many varied translation projects we manage.